Queer Liberation or Liberal Intersectionality?

Over the recent course of history the role of the LGBTQ+ movement has played a major role among the working class, especially that of women. Yet despite LGBTQ+ getting more and more representation, many in the LGBTQ+ movement, among the most talked about being trans women, are lacking access to healthcare (in turn unable to gain access to HRT), proper housing and the ability to get higher education. 

Liberalism and the Limits of Identity Politics

Democrats have boasted about progress and appealing to the LGBT+ community, but it’s merely a cynical ploy that has been used as a tactic to suppress the movement for Queer Liberation. The Democratic Party on the surface appears to be the benefactor while continuing to support policies that affect the LGBTQ+ community, both as part of the working class and as LGBT+.

For example Kamala Harris has been responsible for locking up trans women (especially black trans women), Biden has continued supporting the historically racist system of policing in the United States, the Biden Administration also proposed an LGBT+ protection law that allows Religious Schools to continue to engage in discriminatory behavior, state governments are passing laws that discriminate against transgender individuals and the Biden Administration is continuing to fund wars of aggression.

It is clear that the Democrats have shown they only engage in identity politics when it cynically allows them to keep up the act of being inclusive; yet the administration has done nothing to improve the lives of working LGBT+ people. There has been no increase in the minimum wage or improvement to working conditions. Identity politics leaves out class in exchange for hollow platitudes. It is time we show working class LGBT+ peoples that the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans, despite their attempts to claim otherwise.

Real Change for Working Class LGBT+

What is needed is to take the fight towards the wealthy elite whom the government currently represents. During this pride month it is time to form a real workers oriented queer liberation movement with these demands in mind:

  1. A Nationalized Health Care Service
  2. A minimum wage of at least $15
  3. Full job benefits like paid fraternal and maternal leave
  4. A hefty divestment from foreign wars toward heavy investment in domestic affairs
  5. Free public education from K-12 to college.
  6. A divestment away from policing and ending police immunity
  7.  LGBT+ Anti-discrimination laws that provide full protection with no exceptions 
  8. A separation of Church and State
  9. A focus towards rehabilitation instead of mass incarceration 
  10. Equal pay for equal work

It is the duty as working class LGBT+ peoples to raise awareness and continue the struggle against big business/big tech that only seek to maximize profits, while struggling against capitalism’s attempt to divide and exploit. As a working class we are stronger together.

Going Back to the Roots of Pride Month

Another important thing is to continue the fight against co-optation of Pride by the likes of big business that continues to fund anti-LGBT+ groups and police who, under capitalism, seek to only protect the interests of big business and keep the working class suppressed. It is time to join a mass organization that fights for the demands of the working class LGBT+ community! Join WREE today!